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Matt Damon Spy Prank on Fans Video 2016

Matt Damon Can Barely Contain His Glee While Pranking Some Fans in This Hilarious Video

It pretty much goes without saying that if Matt Damon told us to jump, we'd ask how high. It appears that the same does not go for a handful of unsuspecting fans of the actor, who the well-known jokester pranked with an elaborate spy set-up that would make even Jason Bourne proud. By partnering with Omaze to help raise money for his charity,, Matt scoped out a park in LA from a video feed in a top-secret hideout while telling actors with earpieces to approach random people and hand them a ringing cell phone.

From there, Matt gave them a series of hilarious demands ("There's a man on the bridge. Go to that man and take a package from him. Do it right now."), to which he received a lot of responses like "What the f*ck?" and "This better not be f*ckin' illegal." Luckily, each demand led them closer and closer to Matt's hideout, where he rewarded them with tickets to the Jason Bourne premiere. Seeing Matt giggling his way through the whole thing is reason enough to watch it, so check it out above!

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