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Matt Lauer Sets Up Ellen DeGeneres on Plumber Billboards

Matt Lauer Set Up Billboards and Phone Lines to Advertise Ellen as a Plumber

Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer have been involved in quite the prank war, and this week, Matt went to a whole lot of trouble to joke around with Ellen. Overnight, he put up not one but four billboards that show Ellen as a plumber, going so far as to set up phone numbers for people to call. Ellen was impressed with his effort, and she decided to call the number during her show to see what happened. It was a message from Matt, who gave a nod to the billboard's photoshopped picture by complimenting Ellen's butt crack. Watch the funny clip above to see Ellen's reaction, and then see what happened when Matt Lauer pulled off a ballsy prank on Ellen in March.

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