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Miley Cyrus Winning Video of the Year at the VMAs 2014

Did Miley Cyrus Know She Was Going to Win Before the VMAs?

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Miley Cyrus's acceptance speech at the 2014 MTV VMAs was an unexpected move, but as it turns out, the bold switch may have been a sign that she knew she was going to win the coveted video of the year award. While on the red carpet, Miley dropped a hint about what she had in store for the show, saying, "There's something that I'm doing that's really special, that I'm really excited about which I'm not gonna say; I'm saving it until the end so it doesn't get canned, but it's going to make a different kind of impression [from the 2013 performance], so it's gonna be cool." Watch Miley's full red carpet interview above.

The question is this: if Miley was teasing her plan to have former homeless youth Jesse accept her award for her, does that mean she knew she was going to win before the VMAs even started? The singer is a pro with award shows by now, and she would know better than to hint at a big surprise if she wasn't sure it was going to happen. In fact, Miley may have hatched her plan even further in advance, since she shared pictures of herself visiting My Friend's Place, the youth center that Jesse was representing at the VMAs, last Tuesday. That visit may have just been for personal reasons, though, as she wasn't even confirmed to attend the VMAs until last Wednesday. Either way, even if she did know last Tuesday that she was going to win, that doesn't mean MTV was rigging the votes in her favor, as the voting period for the video of the year category ended on Aug. 11, at least one week before Miley visited My Friend's Place. It's possible that MTV added up the votes and alerted Miley, at which point she could start planning her heartfelt move. What do you think?

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