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Is the Photo of Taylor Swift Kissing Karlie Kloss Real?

Why Everyone Thinks Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Made Out

A photo of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss watching the indie group The 1975 perform in NYC has gone viral after a fan who attended the concert claimed that it showed the pair "making out." The duo attended the show alongside Karlie's fellow Victoria's Secret model (and another Taylor friend) Lily Aldridge. The snap shows Karlie with her arm around Taylor and a blurry shot of the pair facing each other. The fan who took the pictures wrote, "Exclusive Taylor and Karlie making out #confirmed."

It's a juicy rumor, but it is completely untrue. Taylor's rep denied the claim, explaining that they were just trying to talk to each other over the loud music. While the pair are very good friends, not every female friendship has some hint of romance. Considering how cuddly Taylor appears to be around her other pals, it isn't that strange that she and Karlie were seen wrapped in each other's arms for a brief moment. (Also, Karlie does have a boyfriend.)

Taylor's love life was something of a hot subject at the 1975 show as fans claimed that the lead singer and rumored Taylor love interest, Matt Healy, pointed to Taylor at one point while singing "I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you."

Again, it's hard to know exactly who Matt was pointing at (if anyone), but it's clear that everyone is wondering who will be Taylor's next love interest.

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