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Rebel Wilson Plays Whisper Challenge on Jimmy Fallon

Rebel Wilson Is Ridiculously Good at Playing Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge Game

Rebel Wilson absolutely schooled Jimmy Fallon while playing his popular Whisper Challenge game on Wednesday. The game requires the contestant to try to lip-read a phrase their opponent is saying while wearing headphones that block out all sound by blaring loud music. Rebel put her headphones on first and when Jimmy read his phrase of "deflated balls," she hilariously guessed "feel my balls" and "my big box." Jimmy also tried to guess Rebel's phrase of "forklift driver" but fell flat after multiple guesses. Jimmy then declared that the next person who got one right would win it all, and Rebel impressively guessed his phrase of "Wiz Khalifa" on her first try. Watch the hilarious clip above, then check out our interview with Rebel and her Pitch Perfect 2 costar Adam DeVine.

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