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Ryan Gosling Visits a Coffee Shop in Toronto September 2018

This Cute Story Is Further Proof That Ryan Gosling Is One of the Nicest Guys in Hollywood

Idris Elba, listen up: you've just been bested by Ryan Gosling!

Back in 2017, the staff at an independent coffee shop in Toronto started an online campaign to get Idris Elba to visit while he was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the British actor was a no-show. This time around, the folks at Grinder Coffee decided to turn their attention to some home-grown talent, and the results were far more satisfactory.

Joelle Murray, the shop's owner, decided that her mark for 2018 was Ryan Gosling, who was in town to promote his film First Man. She spent the week of the festival posting photos with a cardboard cutout of the Ontario-born actor, launching the #ryanneedsgrinder campaign across social media. It wasn't long before the pleas were picked up by local news organizations and blogs, and eventually, they found their way to the man himself. What else was this nice Canadian boy to do except drop by for a drink, as requested?

The sweet story has been recorded on social media by the coffee shop, but also by Joelle's nephew, who shared the events, with a very touching commentary about his aunt, on Twitter. Keep reading to see how it all played out.

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