AJ Mitchell's Instagram Has the Perfect Combo: Hot Guy and Sick Tunes

You don't need to be a music-lover to be a fan of AJ Mitchell's Instagram page, but it doesn't hurt. The "Slow Dance" singer might be relatively new to the music world, but he has already proven he's a star. If you're a fan of the Illinois native (and even if you aren't), his social media page is a must follow. Trust us, it's the perfect distraction from your own world, because AJ's life is sort of a fairy tale. He shows off his unique and very funky style with hot and spicy selfies on the regular, which is always fun to see. Then, he throws in videos (and lots of them) highlighting how great his voice is in between silly videos of him just being him. Oh, and if you are thrifty and love mixing patterns and prints in your wardrobe, then you and AJ could basically be BFFs. See for yourself all of his epic 'grams so far, and get ready to want to hang with the musician stat.

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