5 Fascinating Things We Learned From Kylie Jenner's Instagram Photographer, Amber Asaly

If you've found yourself scrolling through Kylie Jenner's Instagram recently, you've probably wondered about the person behind the lens. Who is taking all these gorgeous photos? Well, that person is none other than Kylie's friend and professional photographer 26-year-old Amber Asaly. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Amber opened up about what it's like taking snaps of Kylie and her friends, as well as going on those lavish getaways with Kylie. Yep, Amber was on that Kylie Skin trip to Turks and Caicos, Kylie's Italian birthday getaway, and Kylie's recent vacation with Sofia Richie in Las Vegas. Here is everything we learned from Amber.

  1. The Turks and Caicos trip was as amazing as it looked. "It was so, so beautiful, and everything was just photoshoot ready, so it made everything really easy — gorgeous natural light, gorgeous location, the house that we stayed in was just insane, or mansion, I can't even call it a house," Amber said. "It was right on the beach, we did some fun water activities, we went out, we just had such a great time. All of Kylie's amazing outfits, all of Sofia's amazing outfits — all the girls had just beautiful clothes. Their makeup was done, their hair was done, so everything kinda just turned into a photoshoot."
  2. Kris Jenner is a queen. "She'd been to Italy so many times, so she was taking us everywhere," Amber recalled of Kylie's birthday getaway to Italy. "Everything she touched was like, 'Wow, thank god Kris Jenner's here.' Because if she wasn't, we would just probably stay on the boat the whole time. Like, we wouldn't know what to do. She really took us around, she was our tour guide — she bought us all hats one day. She's just a queen."
  3. If you thought any of those bikini pictures from the trips were photoshopped, you might want to think again. Amber shoots on film, which makes photoshopping way more complicated, so she usually only color-corrects. "Those photos [of Kylie in the Dior bikini] just looked insane, Kylie's body looked insane, her face was perfect, the light was amazing. We shot it in 15 minutes, and they're our favorite photos ever," Amber explained. "I'll be like, 'let me color correct, let me do a couple things to them.' And then I send to [Kylie], and it just goes from there . . . I feel like film captures a vibe so much better than digital ever can, and ever will, because it's one moment, click. And then that's it . . . You don't have 100 opportunities, you don't have an SD card . . . It's just one shot, that's it."
  4. Things can sometimes get tricky with the paparazzi always following Kylie. "We couldn't really have much of a photoshoot [in Italy] because there were so many paparazzi everywhere and we didn't want the photos to leak before I shot them," Amber explained. "So it was more Kylie looking really cute, and me just being like 'alright, this is good light right here, let's get this done now.'"
  5. Amber and Kylie have been friends for a couple of years now, but Kylie isn't the only celebrity Amber has worked with. In addition to shooting campaigns for brands like Puma and Converse, she launched a photography magazine called Print Is Dead in 2018. The first issue featured Kylie's former best friend, Jordyn Woods.

For Amber's full interview, head over to Cosmopolitan.