We're Waving Through a Window at the News That Ben Platt and Noah Galvin Are Dating

The cat's out of the bag, or rather the cast is off (Dear Evan Hansen fans, am I right?), as former Evan Hansens Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are dating. Ben originated the role of Evan Hansen on Broadway in 2016, while Noah took over the role in 2017. With an adorably giddy laugh, Noah broke the news on the podcast Little Known Facts With Ilana Levine by saying, "Ben and I are dating." While Ilana had known about their relationship since Ben appeared on the podcast, Noah mentioned that he asked Ben about whether or not the public could know ― to which Ben said (I imagine with a shrug), "Don't go into our nitty gritty, but yeah, people can know."

During the interview, Noah mentioned that for the past three months, Ben "very sweetly" put together a birthday video for him featuring "all [Noah's] favorite drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race and beyond" along with his "friends in drag" wishing Noah "a happy birthday." While the relationship itself is "still relatively new," Noah and Ben have been good friends for a long time. They were introduced by Molly Gordon, who you may recognize from Booksmart, and did a group costume with her and Beanie Feldstein for Halloween 2019.

In case you were wondering, Noah and Ben aren't the first Evan Hansens to date each other. That honor goes to Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross, who have been in a relationship since 2017. Here's hoping we get singing videos from Noah and Ben soon, as that much talent in one relationship should be celebrated!