Ashley Parker Angel Is Nearly Naked in Almost All of His Instagram Photos

Ashley Parker Angel probably won your heart back in the day for his good looks and even better singing voice in the boy band O-Town, but after they broke up in 2003, Ashley seemed to exit our lives just as quickly as he entered. Despite documenting his pursuit of solo stardom on the short-lived MTV show There & Back in 2006, Ashley remained mostly under the radar . . . until now.

Thanks to the beautiful power of social media, Ashley hasn't been shy about sharing extremely racy photos with his Instagram followers (as well as the occasional life update). In addition to posting about his journey on a fitness challenge, Ashley also shares pictures of his time playing Fiyero in the Broadway musical Wicked, his beach runs, plus some NSFW bedroom (and bathroom) snapshots. Keep reading to see some of Ashley's steamiest poses, and then check out the best shirtless moments of 2015 — so far!