The Beyhive Has Identified Beyoncé's Viral Hot Bodyguard

The Beyhive needs a collective sip of water. Fans are thirsting over one particularly handsome bodyguard on Beyoncé's "Renaissance" World Tour security team after footage of him went viral this week. At the Aug. 6 show in Washington DC, the dreamboat was recorded standing in front of the stage during Bey's "Energy" performance — when she said "mute" and the whole stadium fell silent on cue, the bodyguard smirked to himself, as if impressed by the crowd's ability to remain quiet. Videos of the moment rapidly spread online, with many fans asking the same question: who is this hunky specimen?

Unsurprisingly, it took mere hours for fans to put on their detective caps, get to sleuthing, and uncover his identity. The bodyguard is a professional bodybuilder named James Plaza, and yes, he's absolutely ripped under that black suit. We caught a peek at his Instagram (@james_plaza_physique) before he went private, and it's filled with shirtless photos and workout videos that prove he's more than equipped to protect Beyoncé from any potential harm on tour. We can only imagine how much his DMs are popping off right now.

Beyoncé isn't the only famous singer with a hottie in their security detail; allow us to remind you of Lady Gaga's distractingly attractive bodyguard Peter Van der Veen and Cardi B's fine-as-wine bodyguard Omari Price. Plaza has rightfully earned the title of internet boyfriend this week — until another celebrity bodyguard steals the spotlight, that is. Check out viral TikTok footage of Plaza ahead, followed by a few choice Facebook photos.

Beyoncé's Bodyguard James Plaza at the "Renaissance" World Tour

Beyoncé's Bodyguard James Plaza on Facebook

Let's get this party started with a shirtless mirror selfie, shall we?

Say hello to your new phone background.

Here he is absolutely crushing a back workout.

As Justin Bieber famously tweeted in 2012, "I love arm."

One can never have too many shirtless workout selfies.

See you on tour, Mr. Plaza.