Why You Might Be Confused by Blake Lively's New Website

There's been talk about Blake Lively's mysterious new "lifestyle brand" for months, and now we finally get to see the finished product. Blake's Preserve website launched today, and we're mostly confused — is it like Etsy? Is it supposed to be a blog? And most importantly, what does Gwyneth Paltrow think?

It all starts on the homepage with a video that has snippets of people who appear to be Blake and Ryan Reynolds, though their faces are mostly masked. Then it's on to the editor's letter, in which Blake shares that she's "hungry...and not just for enchiladas." Continue onto the shop section and you'll find a variety of offerings, from silver spoons to men's denim. Read on for all of the oddities, and tell us what you think of Blake's new venture below. Source: Preserve



In this section, Preserve tries to explain what it is — but we're still scratching our heads.

"PRESERVE is all of us, together, championing the goods, makers and legends that instill meaning inside the moments of our lives. The curios that cozy our homes, the threads that define our silhouettes, the foods that leave our bellies happy, the projects that mean everything to us—we want to share all of this with you; we know we have so much to learn from you. In our ongoing quest for knowledge, these are our PRESERVE passions…"

Get that? Source: Preserve

The Video

Is that Blake's blond hair? Perhaps it's Ryan's foot on that motorcycle? And who is that pregnant chef? We're not sure either.

The Editor's Letter

The Editor's Letter

Straight from Blake:

"Sitting down to write this editor's letter has been the hardest thing I've done yet on my Preserve journey. I'm more intimidated than I should probably admit. I'm no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat.

I am hungry, though...and not just for enchiladas. I'm hungry for experience. I'm comfortable with the knowledge that I'm not a teacher, but rather, a student. I don't do any one thing perfectly. I do a lot of things, though. Some well, some poorly.

Everyone has a story to tell. This idea is the cornerstone of Preserve.

In essence, what we're really doing at Preserve isn't making jam, but creating a space in which we attempt to preserve elements of what makes life beautiful to us.

Most of that, though, can't be bought or sold. We can't bring it to you or take it away from you. What we can do is talk about it, document it, and preserve it by sharing our connection with the people and moments that hold life's real value.

As for how we operate, we haven't looked at Preserve as a new website, but rather as a new avenue. A sort of greatest hits of 'Main Street, USA.' While the whole world races to keep up with technology, we may tighten our laces and join the race, but our end goal is to preserve what's already there.

As I wrap up, I have to recognize who Preserve really is now, before we've met you. 'Preserve' isn't me. It's a handful of the most dedicated, soulful, wise, patient people I've ever had the honor of working alongside. People who've filled the pages of this site with a force of passion, talent and integrity. I'm grateful for our countless late nights building a home out of pixels, light, and imagination.

We have a true team at Preserve, one that I acknowledge and thank my lucky stars for far more often than I tell them (they've saved my tail!). However, I will say that although we may be tightly knit, there will be no one more influential to the direction of Preserve than you.

We've created this space to multiply our experiences. So, Preserve.us isn't just the U.S. It's all of us. We're insignificant now. Our impact is just a small imprint. But our dreams are great. Hoping you take this trip with us.

(Or at least lie and tell others it was awesome...)

With excitement and sincerity, Blake"

Wait, there's even more! Read the full editor's letter here. Source: Preserve

The Shop

The Shop

Offerings include this 1930s necktie for $100 and food items like hot fudge for $11. If you're interested, you'd better hurry, because Preserve can't guarantee items will stay in stock.

"Due to the primarily hand-crafted nature of our product mix, it's hard to say for sure, but we always try to have as much available to you as our artisans can supply."

Oh, and if you're paying with a credit card, don't worry, because your personal information is safer on its secure server "than with your wife." Source: Preserve

The Blog

The Blog

Posts like "The Great Gathering," which tells the story of a barbecue, and "Backwoods Barbie," which appears to be a fashion editorial, are full of flowery entries and filtered photos.

Here's a snippet: "Allow us to be so bold as to posit that a barbecue is an inherently medieval affair. From where do we arrive at this conclusion? Pray consider it, dear reader: the customary American cookout is a fundamentally Gothic idea, updated with modern values and cuisine. The gathering involves communal seating, shared plates, festive music and fire-prepared victuals shoved into food-messed face-holes sans cutlery." Source: Preserve

The Cause

The Cause

One thing you can be sure of is that it's for a good cause (sort of). The site has pledged to give a portion of the proceeds to Covenant House, and Preserve is specific about its goals.

"Let us be clear. We are a for-profit business. We celebrate and indulge in the treasures both high and low that we feature on Preserve. We are aware that a lot of what we are selling is outlandish in a world where people are starving and have nowhere to sleep. This is a real problem. One that even on our high horse we can't ignore. We have set our first goal of giving 5,000 children a meal, 2,000 children a blanket, and 2,700 children a warm hoodie, all within the U.S."

What do you think of the new venture? Source: Preserve