Awkward! Fans Totally Thought Blake Shelton Was About to Propose to Gwen Stefani at the PCAs

Usually when people win awards, they give a speech and thank their loved ones. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, when The Voice won best competition show of 2018 at E!'s People's Choice Awards on Sunday, things got a little awkward when Blake Shelton and Carson Daly accepted their trophy. After Carson said his bit, Blake took over and excitedly called out girlfriend Gwen Stefani in the audience, saying, "All-time favorite coach right there, Gwen Stefani. I love her!" But the lovefest didn't end there! After being summoned to the stage, Gwen told the crowd, "I'm so excited to be with Blake Shelton." Carson then grabbed the microphone and yelled out, "They're going to get a room!" as Gwen and Blake walked off stage. Naturally, fans were confused as to whether the whole thing was an acceptance speech or a proposal, so we'll just let you decide.