Brad Pitt Is Chipper Even After an International Flight

Stop the presses — Brad Pitt is back in Los Angeles! The actor flashed his smile after his flight arrived at LAX on Friday, reminding us that he indeed wears his sunglasses at night. Brad donned a black leather jacket, comfy black pants, and a blue hoodie, with his hair slicked back and some subtle stubble on his flawless skin. Brad has been racking up a lot of frequent-flier miles as he jet-sets across the globe to film his next movie, Fury, in Great Britain and to spend quality time with Angelina Jolie and their children in Australia. In the midst of directing Unbroken down under, Angelina has taken breaks for several sweet family outings. Most recently, Angelina and Brad took their troop out for an adorable ice-skating trip and a wild day at the zoo. Keep reading to see Brad's latest pictures!