For Some Reason, Cara and Michelle Bring Lightsabers to London

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez continued their zany tour de force through the Paddington station in London last week. In addition to schlepping their many bags through the terminal, the twosome also waved lightsabers around and took time to duel each other before getting on their train. This is just the latest bizarre outing for Cara and Michelle, who have become fast friends since taking in that now-infamous NY Knicks game last month. They continued their fun in Paris a few weeks ago, where Michelle popped up to support her model pal as she walked the Chanel runway during Couture Fashion Week (don't worry, they made sure to show off some new tricks for the cameras). Seeing as they're traveling together, we'll likely see more crazy pictures popping up soon. For now, though, scroll down to see more of Michelle and Cara's lightsaber antics in London.