Disappointingly Few Celebrities Have Spoken Out About Louis C.K.'s Behavior

Getty | Al Bello

This year is, it seems, the year of exposing inappropriate Hollywood behavior — and Louis C.K. is the latest A-lister outed for his inexcusable conduct. After The New York Times detailed allegations about Louis from five women, the comedian issued a statement confirming that the stories of his sexual harassment are true. FX, HBO, and Netflix subsequently severed ties with Louis, the comedian was dropped by his team of representatives, and I Love You, Daddy (his film slated to release Nov. 17) was scrapped by its production company. So why, then, are so few celebrities speaking out about the scandal?

While many stars reacted to the Harvey Weinstein reports and the allegations against Kevin Spacey, social media has been relatively quiet following the revelations about Louis C.K. But among the small number of celebrities reacting to the scandal, the message is clear: the comedian's behavior is absolutely repulsive. Read on for their responses to the harassment allegations and Louis's apology.

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