It's Complicated: Get the Details on Chance the Rapper's Relationship Status

While accepting the Grammy for best new artist, Chance the Rapper gave a special shout-out to "Kirsten and Kensli," who some may not know are his girlfriend and young daughter, respectively. That's right: sadly, Chance isn't single. The 23-year-old "No Problem" singer and Kirsten Corley have been dating on and off for a few years and welcomed their daughter, Kensli, in September 2015. Since then, the couple has had their ups and downs but seem to be sticking it out. Get the details on their relationship.

  • September 2015: Chance and Kirsten welcomed their daughter, Kensli Bennett. Chance announced the news via Instagram, writing, "I wanted make a grandiose and poetic statement with her weight and size and DOB to show how much this means to me, but I think it'd be more appropriate and fatherly of me to just say thanks to those who helped us during this pregnancy."
  • February 2016: Kirsten filed a petition asking the court to declare Chance as Kensli's father and to remain the "sole caretaker" of their baby girl, who then lived with her. She also asked that Chance pay child support, including "expenses incurred during pregnancy and delivery and attorneys fees."
  • March 2016: Kirsten amended the petition to say that she and Chance are now living together and that he has contributed to raising her. Chance responded, asking for "shared allocation of parental responsibility and reasonable parenting time."
  • June 2016: The couple agreed on a plan for Kensli, but less than three months later, Kirsten filed paperwork "seeking a parenting schedule" because she and Chance had reportedly stopped living together.
  • August 2016: Chance melted hearts when he posted a video of himself doing a freestyle rap to Monica's "So Gone," a social media movement that was known as the #SoGoneChallenge. At the very end of the clip, you can get a glimpse of Kirsten (who is stunning).
  • January 2017: Kirsten withdrew the petition for a parenting schedule now that she and Chance were living together again. Her attorney told the Chicago Tribune, "All is well, and the motion has been withdrawn." That same week, Chance shared the first full photos of Kensli on Instagram (and they are adorable).