Channing Tatum Reveals the Truly Horrible Trick He Played on Wife Jenna Before He Proposed

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If you tried to pour Channing Tatum's charm into a glass, it would overflow every single time. The actor stopped by Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 show on Wednesday to promote his new film, Logan Lucky, but listeners got much more than they probably bargained for. After Channing helped one listener propose to his longtime girlfriend on air, the star got to talking about his own proposal story with wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. "When I proposed to my wife, I did something pretty cruel because I thought she was on to me," he said. "I basically told her I never wanted to get married to try to throw her off. I told her, 'I don't believe in the institution of marriage, and I don't think I ever want to get married.' She basically broke down crying. I thought, 'This is not going well at all,' so I had to propose to her sooner rather than later."

Thankfully, Channing's Chandler Bing way of thinking didn't backfire (remember when Chandler pulled that very same trick on Monica in Friends and she almost ran back to her ex, Richard?), and the two have been in wedded bliss since 2009.