A Stranger Stopped This Woman to Sing "Shallow," and Suddenly, a Subway Star Was Born

A Star Is Born? Whew, I haven't heard that movie title in months, yet all it takes is one incredible "Shallow" performance to suck me back in. This time, it's all thanks to Charlotte Awbery, who recently went above and beyond the average expectations of a public transportation experience. As she exited a metro station, Charlotte was stopped for a game of "Finish the Lyric" and amazed host Kevin Freshwater with her unexpected vocals. A clip of her singing quickly went viral on Twitter (skip to 2:13 above), and even impressed Lady Gaga fans, who usually have a strict allegiance to their Mother Monster.

Although Charlotte and Kevin seemingly haven't met before, she did admit she's a singer in real life — and she's a songwriter, too! Her social media is already blowing up with comments about her incredible subway performance, and if you're in the mood to hear more of Charlotte's talents, watch the rest of her incredible covers here.