Dog Dad and Flawless Specimen Chris Evans Can't Wait to Be Reunited With His Pet

ICYMI, Captain America actor Chris Evans is the ultimate dream boyfriend. He's handsome! He's good with kids! He treats his exes with respect! He stands up to bigots! He has a wild side! And, oh yeah . . . he freaking loves his adorable rescue dog, Dodger. In a move so pure and tender that it might actually break your heart from loving him so much, Chris has been counting down the days until he's reunited with his pupper, and quite frankly, it's the cutest sh*t we've ever seen.

Chris, who has been on a press tour for Gifted, has been counting down on Twitter since early August, which means that he should be reuniting with Dodger any day now. Based on his pics and videos, that means there will be tons of fetch, playing, and hiking in their future! We wish our dream guy and his dream dog the happiest of reunions — we can't wait to see them back together again. Check out Chris's sweet countdown, and try not to say "awwww" too loud.