Chris Hemsworth's Brothers Share Embarrassing Photos to Celebrate His 39th Birthday

He may play a 1,500-year-old Norse god on screen, but Chris Hemsworth is celebrating his real-life 39th birthday with the help of his inner circle. Paying tribute to the Marvel star on Aug. 11, Chris's friends and brothers shared a series of hilarious throwback photos revealing some of the actor's most embarrassing moments, and just like the God of Thunder, it looks like Chris never really had an awkward phase.

"Happy birthday @chrishemsworth," Liam Hemsworth captioned a photo of his older brother with a beard full of snow after wiping out on a snowboarding trip. "Don't change a thing. You're perfect. Love you." Jumping in on the fun, Chris's older brother, Luke Hemsworth, posted a picture of himself wearing a shirt with Chris's face on it. "It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel," the shirt reads, quoting "Avengers: Infinity War."

"You're like the rich and famous uncle i always wished for. Dreams can come true."

While the brothers had a good time poking fun at Chris, their birthday messages for the star still held a tinge of sweetness. "Happy birthday @chrishemsworth we've had our fair share of arguments, disputes and disagreements," Luke wrote on Instagram. "We've traded a few good whacks, slaps, kicks and headbutts. But honestly and simply . . . I love you bro. You're an exceptional human. There's no other face I love more on my T-shirt's. #wasmymumapirate?"

Continuing the fun, Chris's trainer, Luke Zocchi, jokingly posted a birthday tribute to the actor alongside a photo of Liam. "A big Happy Birthday to the man I call the big dog!" he wrote. "You are a true friend I hope you have an amazing day much love @chrishemsworth."

Chris's longtime friend Aaron Grist also joined in to remind the Avenger just how much his "average" looks and "beautiful" personality mean to everyone around him. "Chris I know when you wake each time on August 11th you're not excited to see your family or open presents or even eat a delicious cake. You're excited to see my bday post for you. Which includes some of your favourite photos and memories," Grist captioned a slideshow of throwback photos, including a picture of Chris with lettuce teeth and a prom photo. "You're like the rich and famous uncle i always wished for. Dreams can come true. Hope you have the best bday [sic] you're beautiful on the inside, average on the outside. And that's why I love you."

As Chris enjoys his cake, presents, and time with friends, we'll be scrolling through his hilarious throwback photos ahead.

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