These Photos of a Shirtless Chris Pratt Playing Football Should Be Remembered Forever

If you're currently sitting at your desk in a freezing-cold office and thinking to yourself, "I really need a vacation. I really need some shirtless men. I really need Chris Pratt," then we are here for you. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actor has been enjoying some time off in Hawaii this week, and now you can transport yourself right next to him thanks to these glorious new photos. A few days after Chris's wife, Anna Faris, tweeted a shirtless photo of him flexing his arms while appearing to tap into a keg, he enjoyed a game of football in the sand in Honolulu on Sunday. While rocking swimming trunks, a baseball cap, and blue tape on his chest, arm, and leg (sure?), Chris threw around the ball before taking a dip in the crystal blue water. Excuse us while we study every single inch of these photos.