Conor McGregor May Not Have Won the Big Fight, but His Adorable Son Is the Real Champ

Despite all the craziness that is currently going on in the world, everyone seemed to come together on Saturday night for one common purpose: to watch Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather in what is considered to be one of the biggest sporting events in recent history. While fans seemed pretty divided in who they wanted to win, Floyd came out on top (and took home an easy $300 million). But despite Conor's heartbreaking loss, he's still winning in every other aspect of life. In addition to being so good to his fans and constantly expressing how grateful he is for the life he's worked so hard to get, the Ireland native is also a proud family man. Conor and his longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, welcomed their first child, Conor Jr., in May. And despite all the harmless smack he talks leading up to his fights, he's such a softie when it comes to his son. Keep reading to see some of their sweetest moments together.