A Fan Slid Into Dan + Shay's DMs With a Drunk Cover of "Tequila," and OMG, Their Response

If you've ever wondered how to get your celebrity crush to respond to your Instagram DMs, here's a strategy that might work: slide in with a voice recording that they just can't resist clicking on. It certainly worked for TikToker Sharon Rowland, who hilariously recorded a quick cover of Dan + Shay's "Tequila" after having one too many drinks, and proceeded to message the country duo the recording . . . while still drunk.

Imagine her surprise when she woke up the next day to a response from her favorite musicians, even if it was just a simple "heart" and a few emojis. She may not have been the greatest singer ever, but I have to say, that high note and whisper at the end really hit different, and it seems like Dan + Shay thought the same.

But the exchange didn't stop there. After Sharon shared their interaction on her TikTok Sunday, the video immediately went viral and caught the duo's attention once again. Dan + Shay then filmed reactions to the clip of Sharon's, um, loud singing, and honestly, I can't decide which video is the funniest. In one clip, Dan strongly attempts to harmonize with her singing on his piano, while in another, Shay lip syncs to the sound with a full range of emotion. Ahead, prepare for a good belly laugh and check out Sharon's original video complete with Dan + Shay's responses.