David Beckham Shares How Much He Loves Wife Victoria in a Sweet Confession

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David Beckham stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to have a candid chat about his family life. From ski trips with his boys to his Lego obsession, Beckham's sweetest confession was that he still has Victoria Beckham's train ticket that she wrote her number on from the second time they met — and that, my friends, is what we call love.

David and Victoria Beckham recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, celebrating their 21st in July. "Do you remember where you first were when you met?" Jimmy asked. David shared that they met for the first time at one of his Manchester United football games, while she was an established name with the Spice Girls and he was just carving out his career. The following week, Victoria attended another one of David's games, and after a few drinks, David thought it was the perfect time to ask her for her number. "We talked for about an hour in the player's lounge, and she actually got the train up that day," David said. "So, she wrote her number on a train ticket — which I still have."

Watch the full video yourself for David and Victoria's sweet love story — plus some other bits from inside the Beckham's family life.