13 Times David Dobrik Pranked His Squad, and They're Probably Still Not Over It

David Dobrik's YouTube channel is the gift that keeps on giving. From heartfelt surprises to brutally hilarious pranks, David knows how to entertain his viewers and keep them watching. His four-minute-and-21-second videos are jam-packed with action, making them appear like a movie trailer. When David isn't shown hanging out with celebrities or giving one of his friends a new car, he's probably pranking someone. Dobrik's friends know that the vlogger always has a few tricks up his sleeve, but even that doesn't stop them from being fooled every time. Read through the gallery to see some of the best pranks pulled off by David Dobrik himself.

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When He Kick-Started His Friend's Movie Career

When David and the rest of the Vlog Squad got fed up with their friend, Jonah, bragging about his acting skills, Dobrik decided to put Jonah's acting skills to the test. The only catch? Jonah was auditioning for a totally fake part.

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When We Realized Vardan Is Probably the Most Gullible Person on the Planet

David loves to tease his friends, and their families are no exception. In this vlog, David convinces Jonah's brother, Vardan, that Vardan is invisible. What ensues is absolute chaos.

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When He Initiated Gabbie Hanna Into the Vlog Squad

To be a member of the Vlog Squad is to go through a baptism by fire, and that's exactly what happened to Gabbie Hanna in this video.

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When He Showed Us That Matt King Is the Ultimate Good Boy

Matt King is notorious for being the innocent and pure one of the Vlog Squad, so when David convinced him that he was being arrested at a house party, things got a little crazy.

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When Matt King Got Heated Over a Fake Trip to Japan

It's almost painful to watch David prank Matt because Matt is just that wholesome. One of Matt's biggest dreams is to go to Japan, and David decided to have a little fun with him when he found that fact out.

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When Natalie Needed a Raise After This Lizard Video

If you have a fear, you better keep it to yourself. When Natalie leaked that her biggest fear was lizards, David took matters into his own hands and decided to make Natalie live out her biggest nightmare.

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When David Made Friends With Emma Chamberlain Only to Torture Her

David Dobrik has a thing for surprising his friends with terrifying animals, and Emma Chamberlain is no exception.

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When He Planned This Elaborate End-of-the-World Prank

There has to be something in David's brain that turns otherwise useless information into the most elaborate pranks. When David and his friend, Brandon, discussed the possible rupture of the San Andreas fault line, he immediately knew he had to scare Brandon in the most twisted way.

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When Jason Showed His Dedication to the Vlog

If there's anything to be said about Jason Nash, it's that he's dedicated to the vlog. David's friend, Seth, is pretty gullible, and it shows in this video.

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When Natalie Had a Beachy Surprise

David loves to surprise his friends, especially when they go out of town. When Natalie left for a beach vacation, David decided to bring the beach right back to her upon her arrival home.

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When David Made Jason Imitate Natalie For a Day, and We All Loved It

If they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this prank was absolute gold. Jason's imitation of Natalie was so spot on, even she was cracking up at the prank.

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When He Pranked His Friends by Putting Jason in the Ground

Sure, you may have been buried in the sand at the beach, but you probably haven't been buried in David Dobrik's backyard. Jason Nash has, and the Vlog Squad's reaction was priceless.

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When David Completed the Best Prank of All Time

When David's best friend Jason planned a romantic getaway to Hawaii, David knew he had to ruin it in some way. That's when he decided to hop on a flight and go on a manhunt for Jason Nash, all for the sake of the vlog.