Drew Barrymore Failing the Staircase Challenge Is the Laugh You Didn't Know You Needed

Drew Barrymore answered Stella McCartney's #StellaStaircase challenge, because after all, who hasn't been so bored that they decided sliding down a staircase sounded like fun? Although Stella made sure to post "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!", this week Drew tried (and "failed") to complete it successfully. Following Stella's cues, Drew made herself into a blanket burrito (although she substituted a fluffy rug for a blanket as an extra safety precaution) as she readied herself to go down the stairs.

After letting everyone know that Stella was "the only person on the planet [she would] hurl herself down the stairs for," Drew began a slow slide. Each and every step was met with commentary that everyone has found themselves thinking, like, "I don't think this is the way it's supposed to look." Even her resigned grunts and groans were relatable, proving that sliding down the stairs is no joke. Luckily Drew nominated Jimmy Fallon to try the challenge for himself, which means that a Jimmy slide could be happening any day now!

Check out the clip below if you're wondering how the Stella slide, as Drew would say, was "supposed to be done." If you're in need of a laugh or two, check out the clip above for the Drew version.