Dua Lipa's Launching a Lifestyle Platform That We Didn't Need but We'll Love Anyway

Dua Lipa just announced the launch of a brand-new lifestyle platform called Service95, that's supposedly been in the works since the start of lockdown. The singer shared the news on Twitter on Tuesday along with a two-minute video explaining the concept behind the platform and what she hopes to achieve with it. The caption read: "I've been wanting to tell you about this for the longest time, and now that it's ready I hope you'll let me guide you through some of my favourite things I've discovered around the world over the years."

Dua continued to say that "Service95 is a free weekly newsletter that will cover everything from little-known hotspots to up-and-coming artists and travel tips. Service95 will serve up a considered curation of lists, recommendations, stories, information, thoughts, perspectives, and conversations you won't hear, see, or read anywhere else. Powerful articles from the world's most compelling voices will live alongside savvy social commentary, laugh-out-loud feature-writing, left-of-centre recommendations for anything from late-night snacks to the best in-flight music for long-haul trips. We'll also be sharing the important work of activists bringing to light causes and complex world issues we should all be talking about. I honestly can't wait to share the first one with you!"

According to a recent interview Dua did with Vogue, the platform will also incorporate a podcast called "At Your Service," which will see the singer interviewing special guests like grassroots activists and her celebrity friends. "All the guests I'm speaking to have very inspiring stories, and hopefully [as listeners], you will learn something about yourself," she told Vogue.

It's unclear as to when Service95 will launch, but we expect to see it happen pretty soon . . .