16 Iconic Photos of Elvis Presley That Prove He Was the Ultimate Heartthrob

Elvis Presley was an icon for so many reasons — he knew how to sing, he knew how to dance, and he knew how to make girls go crazy with that smile. Like so many other greats before him, the musician and actor, famous for songs like "Jailhouse Rock" and movies like Blue Hawaii, left this world much too soon. Elvis was just 42 years old when he suffered a heart attack and died in August 1977. But despite his physical absence, he's still very much a part of pop culture. His good looks make new generations fall in love with him, his songs are still blasted on the radio, and his Graceland mansion in Tennessee is still a huge tourist attraction. To celebrate his life and your unwavering crush on him, look at some of his best moments ahead that will still make you weak in the knees.