Erykah Badu Sang on the Streets of NYC, and All She Made Was a Lousy $3.60

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Erykah Badu recently went busking on the streets on NYC, and all she got for her trouble was a measly $3.60. The singer released a video of herself doing a street-singing experiment, and, aside from one fan spotting her before she started to perform, no one even gave her a second look. To be fair, she did try to disguise herself by removing her infamous hat, but you'd think that at least one person would recognize the Grammy-winning singer! Luckily, Erykah didn't appear too bothered by the low amount of cash that she scored. (She did only sing for less than five minutes, after all.) Of course, she's no stranger to viral-video stunts on the streets of NYC, so maybe she was just happy that she pulled off her secret gig. Front Page