Do We Have Time to Discuss Ezra Miller's Met Gala Debut? It's Important

I'll just come right out and say it: Ezra Miller was born for the Met Gala, so his debut on May 6 was extra special. The 26-year-old actor isn't shy about his love for over-the-top style (uh, remember when he walked a red carpet dressed as Hedwig?), and the "Camp: Notes on Fashion" event in NYC was right up his alley.

Ezra teamed up with Burberry Creative Director Riccardo Tisci for his truly unique outfit. He held a mask to hide his face and wore a full cape, but underneath, he revealed a pinstripe suit with a dramatic train and jeweled corset. However, the real "eye-catcher" (pun very much intended) came from the five eyes painted on his face. A little spooky? Hmm, perhaps. A little genius? Absolutely. Keep reading to see more of Ezra's daring look. We hope to see his singular sense of style at many Met Galas in the future.