This Guy's Beychella Halloween Costume Got All the Details Just Right

You can always count on dozens of people to take on the task of dressing up as celebrities for Halloween, but no star is the source of more costume inspiration than Beyoncé. Case in point, Ciara and Russell Wilson made everyone lose their sh*t when they dressed up as the "Brown Skin Girl" singer and her husband JAY-Z earlier this week, and another fan also hit their homage to the queen straight out of the park.

A Twitter user named Bruno Batistela took to the platform on Monday to share a look at his Halloween costume, which happens to be a pretty spot-on replica of the outfit Beyoncé wore during her Coachella set last year. The New Zealand native's costume basically got everything right, from the waist-length hair extensions and the printed Beychella sweatshirt to the custom shiny fringe boots. He even got his Golden Retriever in on the action by dressing the pup up as a bee, because dogs obviously stan Beyoncé, too. This look deserves a spot in the costume hall of fame for the dedication alone. Read ahead to get a closer look at Bruno's homage to the queen.