This Adorably Angry Little Girl Made For the Year's Most Popular Viral Video

Of all the top viral videos from this year, none captured the attention of POPSUGAR readers quite like this one, which hit the Internet back in September. Yes, it's another little girl in another Frozen video, but this one is very, very different. For one thing, this 2-year-old girl from Belfast, Northern Ireland, doesn't actually get the chance to sing "Let It Go" because her mom just cannot stop laughing as she tries to perform. Everything starts out fine, but it escalates quickly. Dressed as a sweet little princess, the girl suddenly drops the princess act when her mom gets the giggles, shouting, "I'm warning you! . . . What's it gonna be?" She's very concerned that her mom will actually choke herself from laughing so hard, and by the end, the girl's warnings get dark: "Do you want to be sent to your room and go sleep by yourself? And nobody will see you ever again?" Ouch. Watch the funny video, then check out more must-see viral videos!