Grace and Trai Byers Will Soon Be a Family of 3

Grace and Trai Byers may have starred alongside each other on "Empire," but there's a more important role they play in each other's lives: spouses. The couple tied the knot back in October 2016 in a beach ceremony on Grand Cayman Island and have been wooing fans ever since.

In July 2021, Grace shared her adoration for Trai in a beautiful birthday tribute. "To love when the world is intact, is one thing. to love — unconditionally, selflessly and so very deeply — when literal and proverbial worlds threaten to fall apart, that's a whole other level," she wrote. "To the man who has literally cradled and rocked me in his arms whether the tears are flowing or the smiles are aplenty; I celebrate you. I lift you up. I admire you. I see you. I hold the purest part of you in sacred love. You inspire me. You move me. You teach me. You accept me. You show up. No perfection. no false pretenses. you give me all of you. and what a breath-taking all it is."

It's posts like these that remind fans how real their love is, leaving onlookers to wonder how many kids the pair have together. So if you're an inquiring mind, keep reading to find out.

How Many Kids Do Grace and Trai Byers Have?
Getty | Hatnim Lee

How Many Kids Do Grace and Trai Byers Have?

Grace debuted her baby bump — revealing that she and Trai are going to be first-time parents — in October 2022. They made the sweet announcement on the red carpet at the opening night of "The Piano Lesson" on Broadway, in which the actor starred as Avery.

"Happy Opening Night on your Broadway Debut, my beloved King!! 🖤👑🎭😍🌟," Grace captioned a series of Instagram photos. "Words absolutely fail when it comes to describing how deeply and overwhelmingly proud we are of you, @traibyers. What a night!✨"

Weeks after sharing the exciting news, Grace posted a sentimental message on Instagram about becoming a mom and the lessons she'd already learned along the journey to motherhood.

"Although becoming a mother requires great strength, I'm taken aback by the invitations of softness and delicacy that coax me as I take strides in this new season," she wrote. "The permission for rest and ease — even when things can feel overwhelming — still throws me sometimes."

"Most of all, I'm deeply grateful for all the ways in which love and tender support abound. The constant care-offerings and genuine investments are more than I would have accepted, simply because I'm always determined to do everything on my own," Grace added. "To be easy. To be soft. To allow others — without request — to lift the weight, take the initiative, ask the questions, do the pouring and cover the things that I may need (or not even know that I needed) is something I'm still not used to and continue to get emotional over."

Grace concluded her message, sharing: "At the moment, I'm sitting with the permission to lean. To tranquilize. To lull in the spaces that have made room. And this, somehow, awakens a different type of strength. Learning so much in this sacred time. Grateful for each soul helping to carry me. Love-dazed by this life growing inside of me. In awe of this new-found fortitude."