How Many Selfies Do You Think Hilary Duff Took With This Fish?

Hilary Duff could not have been more excited to go spearfishing in Mexico over the weekend, and she commemorated her successful haul by doing what any self-respecting millennial would do: snap selfies! While in Puerta Vallerta with her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, Hilary headed out on a boat with locals for a fishing session, and after hitting the shore, she was spotted taking photos of herself with the fish on her iPhone. Clad in a burgundy bikini, Hilary made faces for the camera (you know, those faces we all make for the camera) with the fish near her face — but the best, most relatable part of the whole thing was that the photo Hilary ended up posting to Instagram on Saturday was taken by somebody else. Imagine all those times you tried to get the perfect selfie and then gave up, handed your phone to someone else, and said, "Take this, please."