Are Migos Members Offset and Quavo Biologically Related?

For years, it's been widely believed that all three members of Migos — the Atlanta rap collective once comprised of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff — were directly related to one another. But according to Offset, that's not entirely accurate. In a revealing interview with Variety, published on May 24, the rapper shared with the publication that he doesn't actually have direct familial ties to his former group members.

Previously, in the wake of Takeoff's shocking death in 2022, Insider reported that the rap trio came together in 2008 when Quavo teamed up with his nephew Takeoff (to whom he's actually related) and cousin Offset. According to Variety, though, Quavo and Offset's cousin titles stemmed from the two hanging out with each other and Takeoff when Offset was in the sixth grade. The three would also often hang out in Quavo's mom's basement growing up, leading to their rap group and influential "triplet flow" style of rapping.

The revelation about Offset's real relation to his Migos mates came while discussing Takeoff's death. The rapper died on Nov. 1, 2022, at the age of 28 as the result of a shooting at a Houston bowling alley. While discussing his back tattoo dedicated to his late and dear friend, Variety noted that Offset was visibly upset and shut down when asked to share his feelings about losing Takeoff. "It's hard for me to talk about sh*t right now," said the father of five. "I've never talked about this stuff. Seriously. Talking about Take is hard, man. Talking about all this sh*t is hard. That's why I don't, to be honest. That sh*t hurts. Like, it's gonna put me in a mood, and I don't want to get in that mood. Some things I don't never tell nobody. He's not here. That sh*t feels fake, bro. I get through my day thinking it's fake. And I don't say nothing to nobody about it."

Two weeks after Takeoff died, Offset penned an emotional tribute alongside a gallery of photos and videos of the two, on Instagram, writing, "Dear Take, doesn't feel real posting you like this… This still doesn't feel like reality. I've been searching for the right words to say, but there aren't any that will suffice. Until we meet again, Rest In Power. I love you 🙏🏾 🕊️ 🚀"

During his Variety interview, Offset also mentioned the last song he recorded with Takeoff, which will presumably appear on his upcoming solo album. The tribute will join Quavo's "Without You," which he performed at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Offest and Quavo most recently reunited to perform in front of a projected image of the late Takeoff during the 2023 BET Awards on June 25.