Here's 60 Seconds of Idris Elba Being a Perfect Human Being on His 46th Birthday

Idris Elba turned 46 on Thursday, and if you weren't already in love with the English actor, his birthday Instagram video just might make you fall for him. In the video, Idris starts with an adorable little dance and a chuckle that'll melt your heart, or was that just me? He then begins to thank his fans and loved ones for all the birthday wishes. Although he initially didn't feel like it was much of a special day, he said, that all changed when he watched a 30-minute video in which some of his best friends gave him birthday shout-outs, which made it "the most special birthday."

He goes on to describe the past year as one of the most "bonkers, rockiest, weirdest, up-and-down" years he's had. Maybe that has something to do with the James Bond rumors, or the upcoming Turn Up Charlie Netflix show, or the success of his show In the Long Run, (*deeply inhales*), OR his directorial debut in the film Yardie. Many of his famous peers, including Jessica Chastain, were quick to comment their own well wishes, but if you want to see those, you'll probably have to scroll through all the "that's my husband" and "daddyyy" comments first.

I don't know about you, but listening to Idris talk really calms my soul, so I'll be watching this video over and over again throughout the day. That's probably a little weird, but can you blame me? His entire existence is a divine gift, and we need to appreciate it.