NSFW: Idris Elba Shatters Dreams About His Bulge — and Fans Go Crazy

Pictures of Idris Elba filming his upcoming movie, A Hundred Streets, in London on Tuesday started a heated debate this week. People weren't so interested in the actor's handsome looks or fit frame draped by a svelte suit, but rather the situation in his pants. As the pictures show, something very long was clearly beneath the right side of his trousers. Just what was it exactly: a random object or a burgeoning bulge? According to 52% of readers who took the hilarious POPSUGAR Love & Sex poll, it definitely seemed like the real deal. As speculation continued on Saturday, the actor set the record straight on Twitter: "The good news is i got a shit load of followers. The bad news is, that is a mic wire. #egowentintospaceshipmodethough," he wrote.

The tweet immediately caught the attention of countless fans, who felt the need to reply and express their disappointment. See the best responses on Twitter below, and if you need a new distraction from the deceiving snaps, check out soccer star Mario Götze's bulge — there's no way that thing's a mic wire.

@idriselba I did not know mic wires went through the pants region! Learn something new every day.

— area (@Sedna_51) August 9, 2014

We can still make out, though. @idriselba

— Ashley Ford (@iSmashFizzle) August 9, 2014

@idriselba aww damn

— Yesha (@YeshaCallahan) August 9, 2014

Perhaps further, more accurate photo evidence is needed here. @idriselba

— Taliza (@Miss_Talie) August 9, 2014