It Seems Like Zendaya May Be Skipping the Met Gala

We can always count on Zendaya to bring the wow factor on the red carpet. No matter if it's a movie premiere, film festival, or other event, it's all but guaranteed that she's going to wear something amazing. At the top of our faves list are some of her Met Gala looks from over the years. The "Euphoria" star knows how to show up on theme in an outfit that we'll be daydreaming about for weeks, so it was a noticeable absence when she didn't attend last year's Met Gala. Unfortunately for us all, it might be the same story for the 2022 Met Gala.

Zendaya told Extra TV on April 21 that she's going to have to miss another Met Gala (scheduled for May 2) because of work. "I hate to disappoint my fans here, but I will be working," she said. "Your girl's got to work and make some movies. . . . I'll be playing tennis . . . I'll be back, though, eventually." Work was also the reason she missed the Met Gala last September (a makeup Met Gala, of sorts, due to COVID). Extra TV got the scoop on her schedule in early September when she announced the news that she'd be working on "Euphoria" season two instead of walking the Met steps.

She's currently working on her upcoming movie "Challengers" alongside Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist. According to Variety, she'll be playing a tennis player turned coach named Tashi who helps train her husband (Faist) to get into peak form. In the end, though, he has to go head to head with his former best friend and Tashi's former love (O'Connor). Filming has already begun in Boston, the Boston Globe reported last month, with Zendaya being spotted around the city by fans. And though Boston's not too far away from New York, she might just be a bit too busy training and filming to leave town for the gala. We can only hope she'll be back on the Met steps next year.