This 9-Year-Old's Twist on "Singin' in the Rain" Brought a Smile to My Face — That Moonwalk!

Gene Kelly's rendition of "Singin' in the Rain" will forever be a classic, but 9-year-old Isaiah Jordan found a way to give the beloved scene a modern twist — think moonwalking and pop-and-locking versus tap dancing. We love to see it! In December 2020, Isaiah's parents shared a video of rehearsals for an upcoming project on his Instagram account.

If the 1952 musical film were re-created in 2021, we hope it'd look a lot like Isaiah's choreography. Although Isaiah's moves are clearly his own, many commenters compared his dance style to that of Michael Jackson. He certainly seems set for stardom! According to Isaiah's Instagram caption, he's working towards a bigger video, which will be out later this year. If this was just the practice run, we can hardly wait to see what the final dance looks like! Watch Isaiah's full (adorable) dance above.