Oh My Gosh, Jacob Tremblay's Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression Is Too Freakin' Good

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If you're not already a dedicated Jacob Tremblay stan, prepare to hop aboard the bandwagon. The 12-year-old actor stopped by The Tonight Show Monday night and charmed host Jimmy Fallon and the entire audience with his adorably endearing demeanor. After boldly claiming that he would be a better Prince Eric than Harry Styles in Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid movie, Jacob went on to reveal some pretty spot-on impressions of both Seth Rogen and, in a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jacob worked with Seth while filming his upcoming movie Good Boys, and the producer's hearty chuckle is what really left a lasting impact on the young star. "His laugh is amazing," Jacob said of Seth before imitating what he describes as "Santa if he smoked cigarettes." Hah!

While on the topic of impressions, Jimmy brought up that he heard Jacob is capable of a pretty spot-on imitation of Arnold, and boy, he certainly didn't disappoint. Jacob immediately began reciting lines from Arnold's 1987 film Predator, all in a voice that sounded eerily similar to the former professional bodybuilder. "Get to the chopper; we have to get out of here now! Now!" Jacob said, adding, "I have to eat some schnitzel, it's in my tummy!" as a nod to Arnold's Austrian-American heritage.

All I can say is, this kid's going places, man. Watch Jacob's entire interview with Jimmy above to hear both of his accurate impressions — and to see which famous actor he mistook as his lawyer at the Oscars.