Bet You Didn't Think You'd See Jai Courtney Naked Today, Did You?

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Here we were, thinking that Jared Leto as the Joker was the pinnacle of insanity in Suicide Squad. During a Thursday night appearance on Conan, though, Jai Courtney upped the ante with a hilarious story from the set. Basically, according to Jai, director David Ayer was infamous for popping up in the cast members' trailers unannounced. "I'm chilling out and he would kind of rock up uninvited" he said. "He came into my trailer one day, and I mustn't have had any clothes on." Yep. Jai was completely nude, and decided for some strange reason to chase his director through the set without putting clothes on. If you think it's a crock of bullsh*t, wait until you see the photo evidence.