Jeff Goldblum Destroys James Corden, Asking "Why Did We Trade Meghan Markle For Something Like This?"

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Jeff Goldblum is the latest star to step up and battle James Corden in a round of "Drop the Mic," and it's safe to say the Thor: Ragnarok star did not hold back. The last time Jeff was included in one of James's skits, he was the object of James's affection as he sang "Thank You, Jeff" in an Ariana Grande parody. But this time around there was definitely no love lost as the two shared cheap insults during their rap battle. No topic was off limits: James poked fun at everything from Jeff's physical appearance to the fact he "talks weird" and even questioned why the the actor's gymnast wife finds him attractive. But James was not ready for the comebacks that Jeff had planned. He managed to insult just about everything James has ever done, from his appearance in the Cats trailer to his gig hosting the Tony Awards, stopping off at his Emmy nominations ("Julia Roberts wasn't up for an Emmy this year, but you're nominated for seven, sure, that seems fair!") and even the return of James's breakout British hit, Gavin & Stacey. Watch the brutal battle for yourself above, and be prepared to gasp.