Jamie Dornan Blushes 50 Shades of Red While Ellen DeGeneres Interrogates Him About Sex Toys

Jamie Dornan and his shaved head sat down for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, and the talk-show host didn't waste any time with chit-chat before diving right into the many sex toys he's been introduced to since working on the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. "The funny thing is, pretty much everything you find in the Red Room you've used a version of, but not for the same effect," he laughed. "Like, maybe it's used around a horse, or something." Ellen also asked if he and wife Amelia Warner (whom he calls "Millie," aww) ever stole anything from the set to use at home. After blushing fifty shades of red, he revealed that, "No, I don't think she wants some used prop for sex." Fair enough, Millie.