Janelle Monáe Urges People to Wake Up to the Realities of Racism in Illuminating Interview

Janelle Monaé is one of three women featured in Variety's Power of Women issue this year. In addition to her incredible monochromatic photo shoot, the 34-year-old singer and actress gave an illuminating interview discussing racial injustice and the importance of amplifying women's voices.

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Janelle emphasized how crucial it is for people, especially white people, to wake up to the realities of police brutality and racism. "We need more people inside these places, inside these police precincts, and these buildings to stand up and to be marching and to be right there with us," she said. Janelle also didn't hold back from speaking her mind when it came to President Trump, adding, "This administration, along with the president, they're evil."

"Us being aligned is important and powerful in the face of those in the position of power who aim to divide."

In an accompanying video for the magazine, Janelle explained that it's vital for women to use their platforms to amplify and unite the voices of other women and members of the LGBTQ+ community to make sure everyone has a seat at the table. "I think the women are coming together. I think the women are realizing that honestly, and truly, we are stronger. Our voices are more amplified when we are aligned and we are collaborative. My motto is always, 'Don't hate, collaborate.' And I'm seeing that a lot with women. It's important for the world to see us unite," she said.

Janelle continued, "Being a member of the LGBTQI+ community is an honor. Us being aligned is important and powerful in the face of those in the position of power who aim to divide and those in the position of power who are abusing their power and trying to take away certain rights for those of us who just want to love and live and be able to breathe in peace."

Watch the video ahead, and then make sure to check out Janelle's full interview on Variety.

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