Jason Momoa Is an Expert in Pushing Away Boyfriends, Thanks to All His Funny Photo Requests

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It's no secret Jason Momoa has a lot of fans. If you need proof, just listen to the cheers that erupted recently when he performed the haka with his kids at the Aquaman premiere. Turns out Jason's popularity extends past a few rounds of applause or casual autographs. During a visit to The Graham Norton Show on Dec. 14, the 39-year-old actor explained that he frequently gets asked to take unique poses with couples who ask for photographs.

"A married couple comes up and they want to take a picture, and then generally it's the woman who wants to get the hug," Jason said. "And they want me to push their husband away or kick them in the face. So I do it."

Can you blame them? Graham showed a few examples of moments when Jason got really into character, and they're pretty freakin' funny. Watch the full video above to see Jason re-create a typical "couples' pose" IRL.