Be Still Our Hearts: Jeff Goldblum Serenaded an Entire London Train Station With Jazz Piano

If Jeff Goldblum's objective was to snatch the hearts from Londoners' chests, the man is certainly doing it. Not only has the city acted as home to a 25-foot sculpture of the Jurassic Park actor, but now he's tickling the ivories in one of its most famous stations, St Pancras. In a ploy to promote his album release, Jeff seduced travelers into an exclusive solo performance on the station's legendary Sir Elton John piano. Interspersed with his signature improvised comedy and crowd sing-alongs, Jeff gave a taste of his upcoming jazz album, The Capitol Studios Sessions, recorded with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

Jeff's take on the experience? "I always like playing out and about. Ya never know who ya gonna meet. And music soothes the savage breast! Or is it beast"? The Capitol Studios Sessions will be released on Nov. 9. Until then, keep reading to receive a body's worth of jealousy punches.