What We Know About "Shrinking" Star Jessica Williams's Love Life

Jessica Williams is one to watch. The California-born actor first made a name for herself by becoming the youngest correspondent on "The Daily Show" in 2012. After leaving the satirical news series in 2016, Williams continued making moves in the comedy world by cohosting the podcast "2 Dope Queens" with Phoebe Robinson and starring in the Netflix movie "The Incredible Jessica James."

Williams's success grew even more in 2018 when she appeared on the big screen with roles in "Booksmart" and "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald." Now, she's back to making us laugh on the Apple TV+ series "Shrinking," which also stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford.

While you may have come to love Williams through her movies and TV series, you may also be curious to know more about her personal life, specifically her relationship status. After doing some digging, we've found out that she's only ever been in one public relationship with a photographer named Blaine Spesak. Here's what to know.


Blaine Spesak (2014-2019)

According to Spesak's Instagram, he was pursuing a master's degree at New York University before his death in 2019. Williams hasn't spoken much about their relationship, however, it appears the two began dating sometime in early 2014. Williams debuted him on her Instagram that August by posting a photo of Spesak getting brunch with her. Over the next few years, Williams continued to give fans a glimpse into their relationship by sharing photos of their dates together.

Williams adorably referred to Spesak as "bae" on social media. And if that wasn't cute enough, the actor was often his muse. In December 2014, Williams posted a series of photos posing for her photographer boyfriend on Instagram. "🌊☀️Bae got me out here in these streets feelin like a G.D. supermodel🌊☀️," she captioned one picture.

The couple were seemingly together for five years. Following Spesak's death, Williams shared a lengthy post on Instagram about loss. "The early days of grief are just awful," she began. "A lot of the advice that I got early on was to drink tons of water, try to take a walk outside if I could, and to try not to go 'inward.' Not going inward is hard because grief literally takes over *everything*."

The actor continued her post by explaining that some days had been harder than others. Sometimes, she would be "a mess" and wouldn't leave the house, and other times, she would be "crying but decent" enough to hang out with "empathetic friends."

"A lot of times they helped me by just coming to share my 'grief space (lol, but accurate)' with me by listening or talking or playing Overcooked on Switch," she wrote. "Every now and then, I would manage to throw on clothes and go outside. One foot in front of the other I guess."

Williams ended her post by thanking the "mostly Virgo women" who "pulled" her together during tough times. "I mean it. Thank you. 🖤🖤🖤 ," she wrote.

Williams hasn't been in another public relationship since then.