No, Really: How Did Justin Bieber Spend an Entire Halloween Party in Massive Flippers?

Let's dive right in: Justin Bieber made a splash at the Oct. 27 Casamigos Halloween Party, committing to his nonspecific beach costume with a white snorkel, purple board shorts, and enormous yellow flippers. On a surface level, the floppy footwear seemed fitting enough. After all, the flippers were both on-theme and highly reviewed, per the official Aqualung website (just in case Bieber really did feel like taking a late-night swim). But as anyone who's been on a community swim team can confirm, floundering around on dry land — let alone the streets of Los Angeles — is much easier said than done.

Photos from the evening help offer a clearer idea of how Bieber made it around. In one photo, Bieber was spotted hanging on to his friend Ryan Good as they surfed through paparazzi together. Seeing as Good wore a pair of matching black flippers himself, we can't call this the most reliable form of transportation, but it's certainly innovative. Later, Bieber was also pictured taking a call outside of the party, gesturing at his phone with his flippers pointing outwards. Still, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Take his descent from the car: did security give him a boost? Did he brave the jump himself, landing squarely on his heels? We shudder to think.

Camera footage from dedicated fans and paparazzi eventually revealed Bieber literally swimming through the air, taking a slow trek back from the party, and diving backwards into the car. He lifted his knees up as he walked, the neon rubber serving as a type of personal security, keeping everyone at least a flipper's length away. At the actual event, Bieber executed a delightful version of the stingray shuffle, scuffing his fins along the concrete. So while wearing flippers to a party might seem like a logistical nightmare at first, Bieber proves there's no better time to abandon all reason than Halloween. Would you take the plunge?

Justin Bieber's Flippers at the Casamigos Halloween Party
Getty | Michael Kovac

Justin Bieber's Flippers at the Casamigos Halloween Party