Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Make an 18-Year Friendship Look Easy on The Tonight Show

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Ever since Jimmy Fallon started his Tonight Show: At Home Edition, I've been crossing my fingers for a Justin Timberlake moment. Well, I got my wish on Tuesday night when the "Don't Slack" singer made a virtual appearance on Jimmy's show. They talked about their longterm bromance, created a quarantine remix using household items, and, of course, couldn't overlook Trolls World Tour, which will be available on-demand starting April 10.

Jimmy and Justin have a friendship tracing back almost 20 years, when they first met at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. In the interview, they reminisce about the awards show, which was a huge night for both of their careers — it marked Justins's first big performance as a solo artist and Jimmy's first solo hosting gig.

Besides Justin's frequent guest spots on Jimmy's show, they've also hosted Saturday Night Live together and presented each other with awards. Watch their fun-filled interaction above.